2020 Afghan Cameleers of the Outback 50c PNC


Celebrate the history of the Afghan Cameleers in opening outback Australia

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The Afghan Cameleers of the outback postal numismatic cover features a pictorial envelope with an image of Afghan handlers and their camels in the postage paid area and a coin from the Royal Australian Mint.

Cameleers have assisted throughout the mid-19th Century to early 20th Century to tend the camel trains that helped open up Australia’s vast interior. Thousands of Muslim immigrants from Afghanistan, India and modern-day Pakistan were vital to accompany exploratory expeditions and inland development projects such as the construction the Overland Telegraph Line and desert railways.

Today, the many descendants of the original Afghan cameleers take great pride in their resourceful pioneering forebears.

Limited to only 6,500 this will be a popular and sought after PNC.


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