$2 Collector’s Checklist

v2 Update (Nov 2020)

We’ve updated our checklist to cover a few recent developments since it was first launched in early 2020.

  • New mintage figures from the 2019/2020 Annual Report from the Royal Australian Mint.
  • New coins, including the Firefighters and Aboriginal Flag.
  • A few small corrections and tweaks.
  • Image quality improved in the printable version.

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The $2 has become a sure-fire hit with collectors. With a range of varied, colourful designs (across a range of popular themes) the fan-base has grown in recent years and continues to attract new collectors young and old.

With that in mind, we’ve created a handy checklist to keep track of your collection. It’s bang up to date, and we’ll be adding new coins the moment they’re released.

Printable Version

If you want a paper version of the checklist to keep handy, we’ve also created a printable version in PDF format.

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