2007 Bounding Kangaroo $1 PNC


2007 PNC Bounding Red Kangaroos with uncirculated Mob of Roos $1 coin

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The epitome of Australia is the bounding kangaroo and you can have your very own on PNC. With the cancellation stamp of 3 December 2007, uncirculated 2007 $1 “mob of roos” coin and bounding kangaroo stamp, this is a great collaboration between Royal Australian Mint and Australia post.

Collectors Note: There were no Mob of Roos (MoR) $1 coins produced in 2007 for circulation. The only way to obtain a 2007 MoR $1 is from this PNC or the Annual Mint Set.

This item comes without a protective cover, but is in good condition and will be sent protected.



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