2005 World Heritage Sites PNC – UK and AUS Collaboration


Rare 2005 World Heritage Sites PNC – UK and AUS collaboration

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This PNC is a particularly rare find as it was a collaboration between the Royal Australia Mint, the Royal Mint (UK) and Australia Post. The 50p and the 50c coins that were created for these PNCs were not in general circulation. Therefore, this is the only way to obtain coins of this year.

The 2005 World Heritage PNC worldwide issue of this Philatelic Numismatic Cover (and therefore coin) was only 30,000 and only 5,000 were allocated for sale in Australia.

The stamps featured are from both UK and Australia showing world heritage sites. There is also a fabulous booklet inside holding the coins that illustrate some of these sites as well.

A great centerpiece for a collector and another example of what great things can come from collaboration between mints.





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